What does it mean to walk toward brave faith?

I am learning and discovering what it looks like for me and I hope you’ll come along on this journey with me.

Each day when I wake up, my first thought is not how brave I am. I know it’s not even my second or third thought. You too???

I believe that we forget how brave we really are as we busy ourselves with life. I get tangled up in my messiness and brokenness and lose sight of the grace that God has for me in my weakness.

We only see the piles of laundry or a full calendar leaving behind the beauty of brave in the ordinary. We face each day with a strength and perseverance that speaks of brave faith but call it “getting by”.

God is in our routines and checklists and He is our courage in the everyday.

I write here to encourage you in your own brave walk believing God’s grace will accompany us along the way.

I am walking this journey with you and I know:

  • Together we are stronger
  • God made no mistake in bringing you here
  • Taking one step at a time leads you to brave faith
  • That God provides the grace when we make mistakes and the hope to keep us going

Mary’s Story

I am blessed to be the mom of two grown sons – both who are married. Growing up with four brothers and then having two sons left me outnumbered. Now I can say I have two daughters who have joined the family and help to balance us out.

Sometimes family dynamics change and while it’s not what we want it is how God reminds us we are never alone. The gift of my family’s story is how God protects, provides, and reveals His purpose. Just when we think we know “us”, God shifts the pieces and shows us the new arrangement of who we are. It is unlike any other refinement in that it’s not a quick fix and then you move on. The heart that beats in rhythm with God’s stumbles and falters when love is involved.

I am a retired elementary teacher and love to say that this is the sequel of my life. The best is yet to come. God has given me the desire for so much more and now is my time to fly.

I am a lover of writing, speaking, taking long walks outside while capturing photos along the way, coffee and all of you.

This is US and I love everything about this little family unit. The best part is that as we grow we discover we love each other and God more and more. 

In this space where I write, I want you to know:

You are my people.

I love our heart to heart connections knowing God provides the soul connections.

When we open up vulnerably and authentically to each other, we provide a space for love to seep into any of our emptiness.

This is a place of grace for us to walk through in a posture of listening, encouraging and building into others.

Thank you for joining the journey!





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