Mary is the author of Brave Faith: A 31 Day Devotional Journey. She also blogs at marygeisen.com.

Mary grew up in the Midwest surrounded by a family of four brothers and her parents. Life was rather ordinary, but God is known for taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. Mary’s passion has always been teaching. After completing a degree in elementary education, she continued to teach for thirty years. Her passion for teaching as well as her deep desire to continue to use her gifts for teaching has led her on this path to speaking.

She combines her journey of brave faith with her desire to empower women to experience there own brave journey. Through her writing and speaking, Mary encourages women by speaking vulnerably and openly about her own life experiences. She extends grace while affirming a person’s worth and value. Her deepest longing is to point all to the hope found in Jesus.

Speaking Topics

Mary is passionate about helping women develop their relationship with God and can tailor her message depending on the theme of the event.

She loves speaking about:

  • Brave Faith–A one step at a time journey leading to a deeper relationship with God
  • Letting Go–When life as you know it looks different due to loss, life changes, or things beyond your control. The familiar needs to be re-created because nothing has changed but everything has changed.
  • Grace–We all walk through our own personal passage through grace. There are times when there is no end in sight, but in those seasons, there is grace in every step and a light waiting to break forth as we continue to surrender ourselves to God.
  • Living an Advent Life–Advent is rushed. We see it displayed on our calendars as the four weeks leading up to Christmas. But what if Advent is not just four weeks long? What if instead, Advent is a lifetime of living?


Speaking Sample

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