Chosen and Approved Series

The month of October brought a time to explore what it means to be chosen and approved. Three women gathered across the interwebs to write, share and question what it looks like to live in a world with a set of expectations that do not always match our own. Or how the world sets us up to reach a standard that as hard as we try to achieve, we cannot attain.

Join Emily Conrad, Jeanne Takenaka and myself as we walk through six weeks of what this looks like for each of us. Click below to find all the posts in this series.

Week 1 – People-Pleasing: Where People-Pleasing Lead Us

Week 2 – Reflections of Ourselves 

Week 3 – Lessons from David for the People-Pleasers (like me)

Week 4 – Chosen and Approved: Knowing Where Our Value Comes From

Week 5 – You Are~Your Identity in Christ

Week 6 – Chosen and Approved: Whatever She’s Having, Please




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