It looked like any other Tuesday. I sat in my favorite spot on the couch with my Bible, the first cup of coffee for the day, my journal, and I invited God into my day. An hour later I went to my favorite coffee shop to do some writing before I gathered with a new group of ladies. 

It was at the coffee shop where everything changed. On that day last Fall, the four of us embarked on a heart connection with each other. When we began an even deeper heart connection with God.

Since the pandemic, I have prayed for a community of women to sit with, learn from, and grow in my faith journey. Never in my deepest heart-to-heart moments with God did I fully believe He would provide that, and more. I could hear God whispering, “O, ye of little faith.”

Three years of waiting, praying, and hoping resulted in answered prayer. My faith was stretched wide from the wanting, and I had difficulty bouncing back.

But God …

God knew what was next. God wrote the chapter that was ready to unfold. He planned every detail even before I was born. My mustard seed faith showed up as God guided me on a journey toward finding a new community last Fall.

On this particular day, coffee in hand, the four of us met to begin a book study. None of us, especially me, knew the extent to which God would show up and fill each of us in His unique way. 

The book became secondary to what we learned as we sat together for twelve weeks. The study was a rehearsal for becoming better stewards of our hearts, minds, and souls.

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I had the honor today to share my words at The Dented Fender for their Ignite the Journey series. Describing the blessing of my Tuesday morning ladies and the connection that God created reminds me again of God’s faithfulness.

I pray you all have a Tuesday group that walks together through life because of God and open hearts. If this post blesses you, will you kindly share it and spend some time checking out the other posts in this series?

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