Sunday Morning Always Comes

Several weeks ago, I started coming here every Sunday to focus on God’s Word and remind myself He is in control. This idea emerged after one exceptionally long Saturday night in which a battle ensued in the darkness of night. Sleep was tossed aside as the enemy beat me down and tried to make me believe that I was worthless. God was by my side this night and every time words were hurled against me, God came back with “You are loved”. Every time the darkness became smothering, God lifted me into His arms and reassured me that I was safe. By morning, worn out and wrung out, I knew without a doubt that even though darkness attacks, morning comes and with it the light of a new day. Sunday morning does always come and taking time to say thanks honors God and His amazing love for us.  Digging a little deeper into God’s word and sharing it to encourage others is what this Sunday post is all about.

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