Letting Go series

I am in a season of letting go. Day after day it seems that one more thing is added to the loss column rather than the one marked “new beginnings”. As hard as I try to hold on, life is a journey of moments that look like letting go. The beauty of this in God’s eyes is that the journey is lifelong. It seems that we wake up one morning and our children are grown or we see loss throughout other life experiences. But God prepares us to walk this new path and He is with us every step of the way. My journey is a slow recognition that letting go is a series of “goodbyes” but God provides many more beautiful “hellos”. Come join me on this journey!

Letting Go ~ A Mini Series (that has me kicking and screaming)

Letting Go ~ From Here to There

Letting Go ~ Lost and Found

Letting Go ~ Easy Come, Easy Go

Letting Go ~ Drawing Near




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