This is my story of drawing closer to God through the power of grace. The story will unfold as reflections, ramblings and reminders of who is in charge of our lives and how He uses grace to bring us closer to Him through the unexpected and least likely scenarios of our lives.

My story begins with a simple “What If?”  But as we know all beginnings had to start somewhere and for me my story is wrapped in the story God gave me when He chose me to be His child many years ago. His story for me has become my story spilled out on the page of this blog – it chronicles my passage through grace and restores in me a sense of home! Please keep reading to learn more about me and how God has my heart and my story.


What If…


What if my humble home, my story, my words spilled out on a page, touched one person?

Would I write? Should I write?

What if my own grace-filled passage – my journey – reminded one person that God is real and His mercies are new every morning?

Should I continue to display my vulnerability on the page for all to see?

What if intermittent tears mingled with God’s truths filled my dark places with light and my brokenness with peace?

Would I allow these healing words to be shared and is there a slight chance they might become “just right” words for someone else?

My “what ifs” are my doubts and fears all wrapped up in my dreams! My passage to grace – my journey to reaching for the stars is God’s gift to me. He gave me these dreams, this page and whispered “write”! My “yes” to God’s words stored in my heart is answered by leaving my story on this page for all to see.

The risk results in sweaty palms, a quivering stomach and wobbly knees, but God never promised it would be easy but always assured us He would walk the walk with us. When God has your heart He also has your story – the good, bad, ugly and beautiful! Your story is safe in His loving arms so set it free!

my story

Today my “what ifs” are my convictions that I must follow this passion to write. But on those days my convictions become my hesitations, my own story becomes my encouragement because God gave me my story with one simple request “write”!

And so… I write on, listening for the next prompt, for the next truth, for the next whispered love note that begs to be answered as I say “yes” on this page – to display my story, my journey and my healing for all to see!




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