For years I have been described as patient and understanding. I wore this title proudly and repeated to others how patience was one of my attributes. I grew up dreaming of being a teacher and practiced my skills on the stuffed animals lined up before me. Sometimes I even had a captive audience in my brothers. I spent many hours developing controlled patience because if I was to be a teacher, a favorite one at that, I needed to speak calmly and kindly.

Just recently, I realized how patience is not as deeply wired into my being as I let on. The world says ask for it and go after it. There is a feeling of waiting for nothing to achieve that next goal. But then I pause and look at where I was and where I am going. The process is just that – a process. One that requires patience.

I still claim patience as part of my personality, but find in certain situations it is lacking. Dreaming takes patience and a willingness to sit in the middle between beginnings and endings. I shared before I just recently began to allow myself to dream. It always sounded like something for children. When you reach a certain age, your time for dreaming is over, right???

Today I can say I am allowing myself to dream. It’s exciting, nerve-wracking and amazing all at the same time. But currently I find myself in this place in the middle. Somewhere between what will be and what was. Follow me to to read the rest of my post.

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