One man’s junk is another man’s treasure!

Fullness of gratitude creates blessed abundance.

It is only with deep love that we live a life of abundance.

Each phrase depicts abundant life. But which one describes you? Which one can you live out as you seek blessed abundance?

When I was younger, I totally fed into the world’s belief that more is better. I pursued the “American dream” and increased the economy through purchase after purchase. My splurges at times went beyond food, shelter, clothing and safety. If the neighbor had the latest and greatest, I craved the same thing. Common sense flew out of the window and living paycheck by paycheck took its place.

Admitting this kind of lifestyle is like coming clean for me. My focus clearly was distorted and as a result my view of what was important lacked gratitude and love. My inward focus left me with abundance, but kept me from looking at the beauty of the blessings that surrounded me.

As I began to clean out my house to prepare to move, the residual effects of too much filled every corner. A sick, anxious feeling settled in the pit of my stomach. The process of cleaning out became overwhelming. In my effort to clean house and seek blessed abundance, God took the time to sit with me as I surrounded myself with “stuff” and showed me again and again that letting go created space for abundance to take root. His abundance comes in full when I let His light shine into the dark places where I hide the junk of my heart.

Abundance in and of itself does not allow for God to work in and through us. Instead the clutter overtakes each crack and crevice and causes a sense of bloating. We are full to the overflowing, but we block out God’s goodness in the process.

Cleaning out my house created space for God’s blessed abundance to enter in. Each step to decluttering freed my heart from the grip of worldly possessions and turned my focus toward God’s love and blessings. It’s been a beautiful beginning and one that continues to unfold each time I allow myself to let go of one more stronghold and accept the grace to look beyond myself.

The beginnings of seeking, loving and being grateful for God’s goodness are taking root. Blessings look like communion with others, loving my neighbors, sharing my abundance with others, and letting go of the dark places to make space for God’s eternal light. Each baby step of gratitude for who I am and the gifts God designed for me produce fullness of life. As I grow in this fullness, God showers blessed abundance into all areas of my life. I am not left lacking for anything because God blesses me with all I need.

“May our effort, confidence and concern for others be the altar from which we pray for personal abundance.”
Laura Teresa Marquez

Your turn…

How do you seek fullness in God and learn to let go of what you don’t need in the process? 

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