One knock and a moment later a voice calls from somewhere within the house – “Come on in the door’s open!” I swing open the door, cross the threshold into an inviting array of warm colors, enveloping warmth, delicious smells and a spirit of love. A moment later I am caught in a hug from my friend and my thought is… this is home!

Another day I’m wandering in a massive atrium doubling as a lobby-hundreds of people are milling about and the sky is visible through the plated glass windows and skylights. With luggage trailing behind, I furtively seek one familiar face to appear before me. I struggle to pull my phone from my pocket while balancing the bags I have loaded on my shoulders. Just as I pull the phone free from my pocket, I turn and see the one face that signals familiar and friendly. I call her name and one big hug later I realize… this is home! …

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