And so it begins… the October writing challenge that overtakes your Facebook feed, possibly floods your email inbox, and pops up all over social media. Writers everywhere are taking part in this challenge to #write31days throughout the month of October. I am throwing my writing hat into the ring so to speak and I am humbly asking you to join me in this journey.

My year to this point has been filled with books, devotionals, scripture and quotes all revolving around brave. Over and over, this theme has reoccurred in my life. I am no expert on being brave and I am walking through each day trying to figure out what it all means, but it is only fitting that my 31 Days topic will be “My Journey to Brave Faith”.
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There are no guarantees that I will have reached a full understanding of brave faith at the end of these 31 days and that I will be brave. The beauty is that God is leading me through this study of brave to teach me, show me and take the blinders off my eyes as to what brave means for me.

Each week I will look at an idea that will lead us through a deeper understanding of brave to help us all begin to form what brave looks like for each of us. Some of the ideas that will be covered are:

What is brave?

When brave is staying right where you are

When brave is saying yes, when you really want to say no

When brave looks like fear

When brave requires you to step out of the boat

There will be days that you will have a post to read and other days where a picture and a quote might be the idea for the day. I even have some guests to share their thoughts throughout the 31 days.

I am praying for all of us that choose this journey with God because when we match our steps with His, we become brave.

Thank you for joining me and looking forward to seeing you along the way.

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In grace and peace,


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