We are quickly approaching the season of Advent. The time when we prepare and open our hearts to a Savior, who was born one silent night in a stable. Advent gives us the gift of time to follow a story that is beautiful, miraculous and life giving. It is the beginning of saving grace and redemption. It is a time for the priming of our hearts. We can choose to get ready and embrace this story or turn away to the commercialism that envelops every pore this time of year. Which will you choose?


I am learning how to pause busyness and instead choose to open wide to the possibilities that God is preparing for me. Every moment should not be filled so full that the space is crowded and hard to maneuver. Advent is a treasured gift waiting to be unwrapped. It reaches for us and I am learning to stretch my arms to reach back.

I am a lover of a good story. I find myself studying the whys behind a story, but mostly watching keenly how a story unfolds. Advent is my time to dive deep into story – how God’s story and ours intersects and becomes His story of grace.

Throughout Advent, I will begin to explore story. Beginnings and endings with all the grace in between. A chance to pause in the chaos to reflect on our beginning. To look deeply into how grace is the thread that binds us all together. God’s story is our story and it is beautiful.

The Old Testament documents the beginning of story. Creation opens wide and spreads across the earth. Day and night mark its passage and man and woman take their first walk in the Garden of Eden. Our lineage begins here and unfolds as the story continues. Many twists and turns later we find ourselves in a chapter that paints a picture of two births. Both of which make all the difference in this story of grace.

Join me for a walk through the pages of a story that births the greatest one ever told. This time of Advent will take us on a journey to not only recreate the birth of our Savior, but one that explores our own stories. We will work on the priming of our hearts to create a space that is ready for Jesus. When our hearts are primed for God to enter, we are better able to accept the gift of grace.

Join the journey of the story of grace unfolding.


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