When I was ten years old, my mom threw me a birthday party complete with games, prizes and cupcakes. To commemorate my first ever party with friends, mom and I spent the weeks leading up to the party planning every detail. I was over the moon with excitement and the anticipation brought great joy. A celebration bigger than my imagination filled my every waking thought and I looked forward to the big reveal.

When the big day arrived, I ran to the basement. I saw a wonderland of streamers and a game set up in each corner. A smile the size of a crescent-shaped moon spread from cheek to cheek. As I surveyed Pin the Tail on the Donkey and Drop the Clothespin in the Bottle, I could not wait for my friends to arrive. The big reveal fulfilled the dreams I only imagined the day before. The celebration from that day remains in my memory.

Today I am thrilled to ask you to join in another celebration. I am inviting all of my beautiful friends that hang out here to celebrate the big reveal of my new writing home. Celebrations need community and a gathering of good friends. You all have been that for me. Your heart in developing friendships by connecting here has been a beautiful blessing in my life.

For the last few weeks as this new design was taking shape, I have been over the moon with excitement. I always pray that my words speak life and encourage others. Now I pray that this new home is welcoming, comfortable and full of grace.

As a way of saying thank you to my faithful readers and new friends, I am celebrating with a giveaway. Think of 10 year old prizes at a birthday party only better. Also, since today is my birthday, the celebration extends beyond just a beautiful new site, but into the joy of God blessing me with another year of life.

I cannot do this without all of you. Each time you visit you affirm God’s desire for me to write and encourage others. When you leave comments and share a piece of who you are, you teach me how God is working in your own life. You all and the grace of God are the reasons this site exists. So pour yourself your favorite mug of coffee or tea, take a look around and make yourself comfortable.

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Before you leave today, leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway and I’m crossing my fingers you are a winner. In my eyes, you all are winners!

AND… one more prize because you have blown me away with your kind words and beautiful hearts. One lucky winner will get this Inspire Bible just for leaving a comment by this Friday, February 10.

Happy birthday to me and you!

I am grateful for Susan Stillwell of Fistbump Media, for the beautiful design and update. If you are looking for some design work or other website help, Fistbump is the place to go with all your questions and needs.

Love you all,




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