If I were to describe myself right now, I would say I’m a well-seasoned traveler of life. I have experience, good and bad, and a wonderful job that is mine for life.

Nick and Dan



As two young boys, one tow-headed and curious and the other one with big brown eyes with a hint of mischief, have grown into men – I also have grown up along with them. The greatest job I have ever had the honor to hold is that of a parent and the name “mom” was a gift I was given 27 years ago.




I will affirm that being a mom is hard, dirty work, but when you reach the point of setting them free, the rewards are amazing.

Intentional time and teaching will prepare your children for the day that the cocoon is open and the butterfly wings away.

I will assure you that being a parent is a title you hold for life and even as your children move from childhood to adulthood you have the honor of giving them the gift of time. Children never stop needing their parents.

The look of parenting on the other side is one of a listener, a giver of advice only when asked, always extending grace and forgiveness and a giver of the unconditional love that you have always shared with your children.

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