Come as you are

A new day begins and as the world wakes up in all its glory we only need to “come as we are”. No pretenses, no specific expectations – just who we are and what we bring as a daughter, son, mother, father, wife, husband, sister or brother.

Come as you are beckons the sun cresting the horizon as dawn stretches wide across the land.

Come as you are the birds cheerfully sing as a wake up call for all who catch their musical strains.

Come as you are begs the alarm clock as its call slices through the silence.

Come as you are is the call of your friends as they gather to share love, support and camaraderie just when you need it.

Come as you are whispers God lovingly…

I accept the broken, unloved, desperate, unworthy and unwanted. I caress the hurting and those with unspoken needs with gentle, love filled words. I am light, grace and worthiness ready to be shared with all.

In a world of perfect, of appearances are not as they seem, of beautiful means acceptance – come as you are is a complete misfit. In our world of fitting in equals happiness, going against the norm is stepping into a reality that most do not want to enter.

Please come as you are and follow me to The Weekend Brew for the rest of this post. Blessed you are here friends!





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