I am a teacher! I am an elementary teacher of third graders. Summers are a blessing – a chance to regroup, reenergize and reflect. My job will be starting again at the end of August. For many of you this post will find you already in the hubbub of preparations for a new school year or even possibly the year has begun. Bear with me as I share some thoughts about preparing for a new school year. Right now I’m on summer brain – slow and easy but in a few short weeks I will be on school brain – fast and multi-tasking. In order to maintain some sanity there are three ways that I prepare for a new school year – getting myself in the right frame of mind, getting physically prepared and finally spiritual readiness.  This first part will look at how you can get yourself in the right frame of mind.

The big question that faces me right now is “how do you stop summer fun to start focusing on the task of school preparation?” At some point in time as a parent with school age children, as a student, as a teacher, a spouse of a teacher or even a friend of the above in a supportive role, you have most certainly asked yourself the same question. Here are some ideas to get into that right frame of mind:

1. Never completely dismiss those school time thoughts from your mind!

Like any student who can lose a percentage of their learning over the summer if they don’t do anything to grow it, we also can make it harder on ourselves if we shut school completely out of our thoughts. Believe me I have had fun this summer, I have gone on vacation and I have relaxed but if school crept into my mind on any given day, I let it enter but not consume me. This looked like seeing favorite children’s books while browsing at a bookstore or seeing an item in a store that triggered  the perfect idea as to how it would fit in my classroom.

2.  Leisurely prepare your mind for giving your best as a teacher!

I have spent time this summer reading professional teacher resources. This is the slow one chapter at a time kind of reading. Being prepared mentally will help me to stay focused on what is important on any given day. Now when I go to plan where, when and how I will introduce new concepts, I have completed the research needed.

3. Pray for a successful school year!

All parents, students, children, teachers alike can pray for success this school year. God is faithful and intercedes for us constantly. I know by preparing my heart for the school year and praying specifically for the students that will be in my classroom, God will see me through. I will leave you with this verse from Proverbs – may it remind you of who is in charge -GOD!

Proverbs 21:30-31

The Message (MSG)

30 Nothing clever, nothing conceived, nothing contrived,
    can get the better of God.

31 Do your best, prepare for the worst—
    then trust God to bring victory.

How do you prepare to get into the right frame of mind for summer to end and school to begin?

Please come back for Part 2 of Back to School Blues and Blessings!

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