Be the GIft Hands

I saw you today out of the corner of my eye as I pushed my cart hurriedly in the opposite direction-my vision hyper-focused on the frozen food aisle straight ahead. I didn’t even give you a second glance.

I gazed straight into your eyes as you walked into my classroom-your vacant stare held mine and hid the stories that were swirling in your head.

I listened to your story and felt the ache and emptiness in your words and your emotions mingled briefly with mine.

I held your hand, hugged and kissed you and said “I love you! I’ll see you tomorrow”. You gave me your brightest smile and told me you loved me too. These were your last words.

Real people. Deep emotions. Stories held tight with some ready to spill over. All tied together by one thread-you and the Hand of God.

On any given ordinary day, your life intersects with circumstances and people that God ordained for you to join in story. God’s presence is at the beginning and end of each encounter. His love and grace bookends our stories and blends them with others. He is everywhere!

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