I don’t know about you but I hear certain songs and get so caught up in the lyrics and melody that I play it on repeat. The rhythm and flow smooth out the creases of struggle going on in my brain. I feel peace in the repetition and let myself fall into the place of being beautifully in over my head.

The latest song that is on repeat is Bethel Music’s “In Over My Head”. Beginning with a gentle melody it builds and the words and music crash over me in a song of release. The truth spoken in the song needs to be on repeat in my own life. The words say:

Would you come and tear down the boxes that I have tried to put You in
Let love come teach me who You are again

Over and over I rush ahead of God’s plan leaving me frustrated and out of breath for the time when God says “now”. I compartmentalize God believing somehow that prayer time, my morning quiet or scripture reading can reside as one more item on my to do list. When I forget that God’s rhythms do not require boundaries and strict guidelines, I put restrictions where they don’t belong. I am beautifully in over my head.

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Just like the waves beckon us to ebb and flow, God desires for this gentle rhythm in our own lives. He chooses us to be His and asks us to slow down to find time with Him. God calls to His children with beautiful reminders of His love, grace and the hope that only comes from Him. My worship time this past week taught me again that time in praise results in rest and renewal.

The gift of beginning my day with worship in song left me with a peace in the dawn of each day. I love how my days flowed more freely throughout the week. Freedom from lies and anxiety created a space to lie in wait for God. He showed up in powerful ways because I made the space for Him in my heart.

All it took on my part was a willingness to let go of the fraying pieces that rub me the wrong way. I let myself take a chance to seek God first at the start of each day. I know even when I’m beautifully in over my head, God makes a way to His peace. As the end of the week approached, I realized that the frazzled nerves I endured the week before now looked like gentle waves from God.

May you rest in this promise from God throughout the week!

Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and from Jesus Christ, the Father’s Son, will be with us in truth and love. 2 John 1:3

If you have five minutes, this song will not disappoint but will lead you closer to God.

Beautifully in over my head,

You may find me hanging out at these lovely places today.





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