Hurry up! Slow down! Follow me. Shop here. Buy this. Conflicting messages come at us non-stop. If we focus on what everyone is saying and turn toward the world, we forget the reason we are here, to begin with. The world continues to shout louder, our hearts beat faster, and any thoughts of slowing down are quickly erased.

As a child, I lived life at a slower pace. Summers seemed to last forever just like school days. Time moved exactly as it should and I never concerned myself with what was happening beyond my neighborhood. I lived relatively stress-free knowing I was safe, loved, and cared for.

The reality is that our world is busy and when it speaks most of us stand at attention as if its truth is what we need. What if instead, we turn to God’s upside-down kingdom for our truth? What if our hearts beat in rhythm with peace, love, and hope? How can we become Advent people in our busy world?

What does it look like to become Advent people?

Five years ago, I entered a wilderness season that feels like it is still lingering. If you know me, the story goes like this. I retired from teaching, walked out the door, and entered a season of caregiving for my dad. As hard as it was it also was one of the best gifts God has ever given me.

During many seasons of uncertainty or big challenges, we have the choice of remaining aware or fighting what we don’t want to face. It was during my time of wilderness living that I chose to learn all God wanted to teach me. He took a favorite season on the church calendar–Advent–and showed me how living in hope, joy, and expectancy for the arrival of Jesus was a lifelong endeavor, not just the four weeks leading to Christmas.

I am the person who has trouble letting go of the familiar and comfortable. I hold on tight believing that is best. When I began to loosen my grip and explore what Advent people do, I found there was more peace on the other side.

This life of mine looks like holding on tight, waiting for the next right thing, and believing in the One who loved me enough to write me into HIS story. But what I am learning is how the grace of God prepares us for each new day, and in this time of in-between, you and I have the blessing of living daily as an Advent person—one who is expectant, hope-filled, and ready to receive the gifts of God.

The Advent Narrative

How does God call us to be Advent people?

God starts at the beginning. He begins our story the day we are born and lovingly writes out each word, sentence, and chapter as we live our lives. He prepares the way for us to choose a life following Jesus and it begins with a simple “yes”. Our lives begin again when we choose to follow God and become His son/daughter.

Let’s dive deeper into this question together. You can read the rest of this post at Debbie Kitterman’s. Click HERE to read more.

Join me this Advent season as we accept the invitation to live grace-forward and hope-filled for the arrival of Jesus. #TheAdventNarrative #newbookrelease #guestpost Share on X

I would love for you to join me this Advent season as we accept the invitation to live grace-forward and hope-filled for the arrival of Jesus. It is not just a deeper dive for the four weeks leading up to Christmas. It is a lifetime of living knowing that the One who chose you is always with you.

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