I have never believed the word “brave” is one others would choose to describe me, but sometimes what we believe about ourselves is not what God has chosen for us. This journey I am walking right now is all about brave and it does not always look brave from the outside, but the work going on inside is huge and its creating a brave space.

becoming brave

Becoming brave is a process of forward, backward and even sideways. It is stretching who I am to become who God wants me to be. It is a constant struggle between stepping toward brave while at the same time turning away from fear. My steps look very much like the ones that Peter took when he walked on the water toward Jesus, one dark, stormy night. Peter took that leap of faith, but several seconds later, he froze with fear when He took His eyes off Jesus. Isn’t that how most of us as react when we try to remain faithful, but as soon as something draws us away, we sink?

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We are only brave when we keep our eyes focused on God. Each step toward God leads us on the journey of embracing brave faith. It is knowing that sometimes being brave requires faith of the unknown while at the same time knowing that God makes all things known as He is ready. Brave is taking one step closer to living a life in which God is in charge.

I recently began reading John Ortberg’s book, If You Want to Walk on Water You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat. Wow! It only took reading the preface to know that this book will teach me, lead me and remake me as a follower of God. Mr. Ortberg asks us to take a walk and begins to share how you must water walk, if you you want to experience a deeper presence with God.

We are all made for this even though in our hearts we might not believe it. Mr. Ortberg writes of the consistent pattern we find in Scripture to describe what our lives look like when God calls us to more. He shares the following:

There is always a call.

There is always fear.

There is always reassurance.

There is always a decision.

There is always a changed life.

Saying “yes” to brave faith will be the hardest thing we do, the scariest and the best way to learn who we are and who God has chosen us to be. We become brave in our yeses and noes but always because we have turned to God to lead the way.

What does becoming brave look like to you?

In grace and peace,


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