In August, I was at a Five Minute Friday retreat near Nashville. Seventeen ladies gathered together to learn about the craft of writing, facing our fears of comparison and eventually how to walk bravely to face those fears. As I was leading a devotional on Sunday morning about being brave, new perspectives were shared as to what this looks like for some of the other women who were present.


                                This is what brave looks like – ordinary women gathering to learn from God and each other.

The biggest “Aha” for me is that brave can look like staying right where you are and not taking that leap forward. God calls us in so many different ways and just because we are not saving the world doesn’t mean we are not walking bravely right where God has us for this time in our lives.

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My friend, Kate Motaung, wrote an article describing the retreat in a little more detail, but mostly she centered her words on the discussion that followed the devotional about being brave. She also shares being brave right where you are in the article. I found these words to be not only useful in learning what brave looks like, but also ones that will lead us toward brave faith in our own lives. Click here to read the article.

Throughout the next week, I will explore what it means to be brave right where you are – no big life saving moments, but instead immersing ourselves in mundane routines of life that still point to brave in every step because God is leading the way. I have some friends who will share the brave in their lives, who are working hard at what God is calling them to do right where they are in the everyday of their lives.

Join me as I continue this 31 days series on My Journey to Brave Faith.

Blessings along the way!


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