On a Wednesday, several months ago, news came my way that pulled me away from my ordinary life as I took a deep dive into the hard. The actual situation is not as important as how I received the news, supported the person, and looked for guidance for myself. Life did not stop in that moment, but instead, there were still blessings in the ordinary as I searched for hope in the hard.

Bad news can knock us down in one fell swoop if we let it. All bets are off as we face the hard and lose sight of the hope. What looked like an ordinary day can easily turn into something unrecognizable.

I can honestly admit I have stumbled upon bad days and sunk under the weight of emotions and news that pulls me under. I forget how God brings blessings in the ordinary and hope in the hard. The simple act of looking upward is blinded by news that casts my eyes downward.

But on this particular Wednesday my only role was to stand in the gap between what was and what will be. It looked like emotional support that only a mom can give. God saw me and looked into that raw place of my momma’s heart that was hurting. He gently took my chin and turned my eyes to look into His. The message He whispered sounded like “I got this”!

One gaze into the eyes of the Father, who adores us, resets the division between the ordinary and the hard. The hurting places in our heart begin the process of healing and we find it easier to see the blessings in the ordinary and hope in the hard.

What I am learning looks like this:

God doesn’t call us to do the job that He is going to do. Healing the broken, providing wisdom for hurting, and extending grace in the hard are part of what God does best.

Resting in who God says I am is enough in the hard and ordinary. There is never a need to prove myself to the One who created me just as I am.

I’m not in charge of fixing others or their difficult situations. Whew! This is a hard one to press pause on as my “go to” mode is always to fix others. I say it’s the mom in me, which is true, but I am deeply wired to remove the hurt in others.

God brings the hard in order for us to see the blessings in the ordinary more clearly. And the reverse of this is true also. He provides everyday, routine days so we can remember when we desperately need hope in the hard.

Lord, how wonderful you are!
    You have stored up so many good things for us,
    like a treasure chest heaped up and spilling over with blessings—
    all for those who honor and worship you!
    Everybody knows what you can do
    for those who turn and hide themselves in you. – Psalm 31:19 TPT

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Whether you are searching for blessings in the ordinary or hope in the hard, God is by your side. He hears you, sees you, and hurts as your own heart hurts. Today I am hiding myself in the promises that God never fails or abandons us no matter what our day looks like. Will you join me and feel how much God loves you too?


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