As I continue to explore what “bold” is and what inhibits each of us from pursuing it, I know that the last word you would use to describe me is “bold”. However, God doesn’t believe that and continues to pursue me relentlessly to push aside my fears and instead walk in boldness with Him.

In reviewing reader responses to my other posts on boldness, I see a pattern developing that points to fear as one of the biggest factors that tends to silence us and causes us to freeze in fear.

Fear of not being worthy

Fear of not being accepted in that new role

Fear of feeling safe in our choices

Fear of the unknown factors that might be present


Fear stifles our willingness and ability to step out boldly for Christ.

Fear causes us to shut down and close the door to possibilities.

Fear is consuming and becomes bigger than us when we forget to call on God in all times and for all things!

But God tells us in 2 Timothy 1:7 – I did not give you a spirit of timidity but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline. God speaks these words into my heart – “I am capable of shutting down all the voices in your head that tell you over and over words that are not true – words that are not MY truth”.

The NIV Life Application Study Bible explains the passage from 2 Timothy by sharing how Paul urges Timothy to be bold. Since Paul is in prison, Timothy is left to carry on the work of spreading the message of Jesus to all. A daunting task, but Paul’s reassurance and encouraging words provide the boost Timothy needs to move forward. “When we allow people to intimidate us, we neutralize our effectiveness for God. The power of the Holy Spirit can help us overcome our fear of what some might say or do to us, so that we continue to do God’s work.” Perfect words to live by and to hold onto when fear threatens to overtake us.

Open the door to God and allow the Holy Spirit to squash your fears with His Mighty Hand. Close the door to fear and the screaming voices that tear you down with untruths. God reminds us that being bold is being blessed by His grace and strengthened by the Holy Spirit.


Being bold is being chosen by God specifically to complete the task He has laid out before you.

Being bold is opening the door to possibilities God has dreamed for you even before you were born.

Being bold is closing the door to fear and the unnamed voices that threaten to consume you with their lies.

Boldness is taking a step toward allowing God to make a difference in you and using the results as a way to honor Him.

Castle door

When writing this post today, my inspiration for showing boldness in real life would be my brother Matt and his wife Maha. They both stepped out a year ago at the urging of God to join a non-profit ministry called Crescent Project. Click here to learn more. They moved from their home in Columbia, SC to San Antonio, Texas and left the familiar for the unfamiliar. A year later they are struggling in this new journey but they are still holding fast to God’s truth and His calling for them. Please pray for Matt and Maha as they work hard to move forward in this ministry. Thank you all! I’m praying for a boldness for each of us today to step out when God calls and to trust Him to provide the rest!


What will it take for you to open the door to God in boldness? What holds you back from this and how do you combat the voices of fear?

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