Yesterday we looked at the story of Peter walking on the water after Jesus beckoned “Come”. It was one step that has become an inspiration for my faith journey. Peter’s step out of the boat symbolizes a key component of brave faith that has spurred me on to writing this 31 days series. But last night, I began to imagine a scenario that looked different. What if….

The water that day was still, almost glassy in texture. The only ripple was caused by a pair of ducks out for their afternoon swim. The skies were blue. The sun was shining. Nothing indicated that one of the biggest brave acts was going to take place. The calm that pervaded the surrounding area provided no warning of an event that would change the faith of one man.

when brave is calm

Look carefully at the picture above. Reflect on how brave can also happen on the calm days of our lives. Think about how brave does not require turmoil to be present in our lives. How does this brave look different than the day Peter took his first step out of the boat to walk to Jesus? Can brave exist in our daily lives of routine chores and working a job? What does brave look like currently in your life?

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These questions intertwine with all God is teaching me about brave and how we need brave no matter what our circumstances might be. Brave is stepping out of our comfort zone and reaching for God. When we consider this description of brave, I imagine we would agree that brave is in our everyday ordinary as well as in the struggles that cross our paths. My comfort zone is small and stretching beyond it requires brave faith. God knows I am weak and need Him on Sunday, Monday and every other day of the week. God reaches for us and as soon as we stretch out our arms in acceptance, we become brave. It is a trust that God will do what He says He will do. It is allowing the gift of grace to fill us when everything else seems to be going wrong. It is a deep soul breath of renewal when exhaustion overwhelms and threatens to overcome. It is opening our eyes to the beauty present in our day. Finally, it is knowing God’s love surpasses all other loves and is His gift to us daily.

Matthew 14-29

Being brave in the calm is letting go of ourselves and our agenda in the everyday. It is knowing that it is only through God that we make it through each day. Brave is the release of ourselves while accepting God’s plan. Brave is taking that first step out of the boat when Jesus calls, “Come”. We are all like Peter every time we take a brave step.

Let’s channel a Peter kind of bravery today and everyday.


31 days brave-200

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