We are a week into the 31 day writing challenge and I am praying right now that you are hanging with me as well as learning what brave looks like for you. Thank you for being on this journey with me.

A journey to brave faith cannot be done alone. Brave is not a step into the unknown alone, because even though it will work temporarily, there is a perseverance needed, which requires others to walk with us. Brave needs community.


Annie Downs, in Let’s All Be Brave, shares her story of moving to Nashville and knowing no one at all. She just knew she was supposed to be there. She eventually found a community of young adults that met on Sunday nights for dinner, each contributing whatever they had to put together for a meal. From the beginning of her “Stone Soup” community, she discovered they had become family. Not only was she being physically fed, but spiritually as well. It became “an incubator for little seeds of courage“.

I have found my brave journey to be similar in that when I began in earnest, it was with a small group of people from my church, who all met together to begin this journey. Learning what my brave step was became clearer after hearing from this group what brave looked like for them. We are never asked to take that first step toward brave alone.

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I love these words from Annie. They provided a much needed perspective for me about being brave. I pray you find them life giving also.

No one is brave alone. Every superhero has someone they come home to; every Bible character has someone they depend on. Jesus had his disciples and his family. Batman had Robin. Paul had Barnabas. Ruth has Naomi. The Incredibles had each other; Superman had Lois Lane. Moses had Aaron, Hur, and Miriam. Noah had his family. So we see modeled, even in the Bible, the truth that the bravest among us do not stand alone.

Who is your community and how do they make you brave?

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So glad you are here!


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