Summer vacation has begun…

Promises and dreams of lazy days, fun with friends and family time.

Schedules are forgotten – instead pool time, barbecues, suntan lotion, lightening bugs and a day of play are the only agenda items that should be on the minds of all kids!

For two boys – two former students – their agendas have become broken, disjointed and out of sync with anything a 9 or 10 year old should be thinking about during the summer. Shattered dreams, sudden loss and a new story line mark the passage of life for their young lives – both lost their moms in tragic accidents – both lost a piece of their normal – both lost the center of their worlds!

I took a week to process this news because my heart is cracking with the weight of what these two boys are faced with. My first reaction was not grace-filled but instead an angry red – blazing fiery and threatening to boil over – blinding my vision. My momma tiger instincts kicked in and I paced with a desire to protect as a momma does for her cubs. How do I heal their broken hearts, how do I assure them they will be okay, how do they continue with their story?

All children need to be nurtured, loved and supported by the adults in their lives. All children need to know they matter and believe they have the potential to achieve their dreams. All adults are challenged to build the stories of their own children or all others they interact with. God blessed me with the gift of teaching over 30 years ago and it has been my honor to love the hundreds of children that have passed through my doorway. For when the day is done, we all want to go to sleep knowing we are loved and we matter. We are all truly broken but beautiful!

brokenbutbeautiful God is the mirror that guides us through our stories. His reflection of love and grace strengthens and empowers us to live the story as He planned for us. May we all be the reflection of God’s mirror to others in our lives. Will you join me in loving all children – speaking into their hearts to affirm their stories are important and they have the power to build their stories into something beautiful?



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