Looking to the world for approval trips us up over and over again. Time after time we walk away disappointed because the world’s standards never seem to match the measuring stick of our expectations. Today we continue our Chosen and Approved series and Jeanne dives into our value, other’s opinions, comparisons and finding our true worth in God.


Jeanne shares:

How many times have I sought my value in measuring up to others? Either by striving to accomplish something another has? Or by doing something well enough to be noticed by them? Or by being so good that people would value me, would think well of me?

As I read those questions, I spent time answering them for myself. I remember examples from different times in my life where I measured myself against others accomplishments or strived to have others notice me for something I believe deserved praise. I pause and look again at the person I am and how I present myself when in the presence of others. A sense of unworthiness washes over me as I realize I fell into the comparison trap. As often as I try to be perfect I hear the truth from God that my perfection lies in Him. I am perfectly perfect when God resides in me and my heart is open to embracing His love and grace.

Jeanne does not just give us questions to answer. She shares four truths to remind us who we are and where we find our value. She encourages us through God’s truths and it doesn’t get any better than this.

God tells us this:
~ He has loved us with an everlasting love

~ He rejoices over us in singing

~ We are precious in His sight

~ He delights in us

~ There is nothing we can do to make Him stop loving us.

When we embrace these truths, they will help us reframe where we find our value.

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This Chosen and Approved series continues to teach me who I am and the beauty of letting God be the only reflection I need when I look into the mirror. Click here to read the rest of Jeanne’s post today.

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Walking in the truth I am worthy!

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