If you know me well, you know I love coffee!!! No day is complete without a hot cup of coffee splashed with some cream. Yes – coffee takes me to my happy place, but it is much more than a cup of coffee!

My day begins in complete stillness – darkness shrouds the house and the only sound comes from the gurgling of the coffee as it is splashing into my mug. The quiet is accompanied by my Bible, daily devotionals and/or current Bible study book. The coffee provides momentary enjoyment, but the Word – God’s truth – leaves me with a lifetime of fulfillment.

“Be still and know I am God” Psalm 46:10 is my morning mantra. Centering myself with God’s words and listening for His whispers in the quiet of the early morning, prepares my heart, mind and soul to face the day ahead.

Today begins a Monday adventure called “Coffee Cravings” – a closer look into God’s Word and how He is speaking to each of us in a unique way. My hope is that we will develop a community that encourages each other with all we are learning when we crave God’s truths, love and grace. Consider this your official invite to stop by each Monday, with your cup of coffee or other morning treat, and spend time learning, listening and hearing truths from each other and from God-the ultimate teacher!


Grande-sized God cravings for the soul!
Craving God through His Word and early morning whispers!

Conversation and connection is so important to community! Please take a moment and let me hear your thoughts!

Reflection:  What does your quiet time look like? Where do you sit to be still with the Lord? How do you center yourself to face the day ahead?




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