It’s time for a heart check. A handing over of the mess that winter left to make room for all spring is bringing. It looks like breathing deeply to soak in the promises of God and the beauty that accompanies the deep inhale. It is time to let go and embrace the abundance that God provides around every corner. Come walk with me!

If you have been here awhile or are brand new (welcome :)), I love taking long walks . It never fails that God meets me along the way and somehow the act of moving in sync with worship music allows me to hear more clearly from God. I focus on my surroundings in an act of worship and capture the beauty more often than not with my iPhone camera. It’s amazing how the goodness of God magnifies itself in every step and hidden treasure along the way. Today I am sharing my heart through photos and some words. Won’t you come and walk with me?

Somedays while walking I challenge myself to discover something new especially when walking on a familiar path. I never tire of sun, shadows, and the beauty when looking through the trees. Sometimes we have to look in a different direction, but God promises that He is everywhere.

Other days, my focus is on hearing from God and any snippets of beauty are an added bonus.

On this day, I took my big camera and found beauty in a whole new way.

All of a sudden an object far away became a gift unwrapped by a zoom lens. Birds that I had never captured before appeared in my view finder. Ordinary trees became extraordinary as shelves of mushrooms provided a bit of distraction. Greens of all shades and hues graced the landscape. All things took on the look of freshly washed and newly cleaned. Somehow the world looked brighter and clearer on this day.

I hope you’re still with me. Come walk with me because each step leads to a new understanding from God. Each inhale reminds us of His promises and goodness. We create new rhythms when we make space in our day to hear from God. It is one of the most beautiful gifts God gives us.

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What I know is that walking heals my body, mind, and soul. It creates a perspective change that leaves me wanting more every time. The quiet and solitude provides a space of reckoning with myself. How often do we do that? God just wants us to spend time with Him. It looks like walking, sitting in solitude, worshipping Him with music, praying, journaling, or perhaps cooking. Whatever the invitation looks like in your life to spend time with God, you can rest assured He is always asking, “Come walk with me”!






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