A week ago I was immersed in a community of Christian women writers and bloggers at Allume in Greenville, SC. Every part of me was filled with new friendships, wise words, God’s truth and whispers directly from God opening my heart to new possibilities. Every minute of the three days was a leaning into God and a filling of my heart and soul with welcoming invitations to join God and new friends around the table.

On my drive home from Greenville, I found myself craving silence – a stillness you can only find in God. I ached for the surrendering of my heart poured out in one, long sigh of contentment. And as I craved this deep silence and the chance to sort through the snapshots of the weekend, I knew that time was needed – a one on one with God to be still and let go. However, my overly tired brain and body could only focus on one thing as I drove home – the road and getting home safely. My deep desire for stillness with God has been a lingering ache all week as I jumped back into reality and one of my busiest weeks ever. I prayed for the time to reconnect and gain clarity for the jumble of words, faces and thoughts that ebbed and flowed each day.

God heard my heart desires and literally provided me with snapshot moments to assure me He was walking this walk with me. From the stunning beauty of God’s landscape on the drive home, to the still life pictures of my ordinary life throughout the week, each reminder was God’s gift to me of the stillness that is only found in Him.

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This past week God’s sweet invitations to stillness looked like this:

~ The snapshot of the beginning dance of dusk as the day swirls its brightness with twilight

twilight picture

~ A text message from a friend asking me to join her for coffee after work. My heart sang happily “Oh yes please!”. In the moment of conversation and coffee, I found stillness.

~ God’s beauty displayed in the mountains of North Carolina. Awestruck by the glow of the sun over the mountains to my right and the fog rising from the valley to greet the morning sky, I wished to capture each array in a series of snapshots. God’s beauty before me was a call to worship in thanks for the stillness provided in the middle of my drive home.

fog over mountains

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10

How will you capture God’s stillness this week? What do your moments of stillness look like when busy takes over and you crave silence?

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