Dear First Born Son~

Thirty years ago the glimmer of you became reality. My dreams of being a mom began to take shape and come to life. The cuddling of baby dolls was no longer a symbol of hopes to come, but now represented a gift of all that was to be.

My dreams filled a space of longing and fulfillment. The span of years from the first spark of desiring motherhood to the actual conception were many. The struggles along the way caused the spark to dim, but never completely fade. Dreams become beautiful gifts to unwrap and hold when we let them freely fly to God.

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On July 15, we celebrated you – thirty years of smiles, laughter, fun and challenges. I still see the blond, tow-headed little boy filled with curiosity, questions and a desire to figure everything out. Your gift of music and creativity as well as skills in technology make you a beautiful blend of right and left brain.

Today I still have dreams for you, my first born son. Dreams that will carry you forward into this next decade. Hope and belief that God will use the best you that you have to give for His kingdom. God gave me you thirty years ago and this gift continues to bless and grow each year.

May you always see God in each and everyday. Trust in Him and treasure the gifts that He blessed you with as you seek to honor Him. You are just beginning to tap into the gifts God has created in you. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Love always,



***To all my lovely friends, who stop by and encourage me often, thank you. I pray you indulge me this birthday letter to my first born son. It is a milestone I wanted to celebrate.

Since I am in the process of moving, I will be taking a little sabbatical from writing regularly. My brain is on overload from packing, planning, implementing and everything else you need when you move. I hope to be back the end of August. My official move will take place the middle of August. Please pray that everything continues to fall into place and that I have the strength and stamina to complete all the tasks.

In the meantime, feel free to go back and read your favorite posts. Enjoy all summer has to offer! See you soon!




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