Dear June,

I believe you are my favorite. Each year I wait for you to arrive, knowing that summer is just around the bend. You bring your best… summer sunshine, picnics, fireflies, barbecues, pool parties, watermelon, longer days, and shorter nights. You grace us with sunrises that are only surpassed by your stunning sunsets. You soothe, calm and are the sweetest balm for my soul.

dear June

You gracefully hold me in your arms and walk me through your days from beginning to end. You teach me well and leave me with life lessons that will carry me forward through July.

June was a time of rest and play. Rest, not necessarily in the physical sense, but in the stepping away from normal and being good to myself. A trip with a friend led to a renewal of the past with the present. A discovery of how the old is made new again when given the chance to explore how God shows up in life’s intersections, waiting to connect us and make us whole again. Where childhood dreams become future memories and laughter restores the soul. Play is the gift of letting myself just soak in the present with no agenda, taking a bike ride or a walk in my favorite spot, just because. It is getting together with friends for no reason or watching an episode of “Psych” with family. Rest and play renew, restore and revive the overwhelmed and anxious pieces of our being.

dear June-lighthouse

[Tweet “Letting go releases hope&expectancy in our hearts,when we invite newness to take up residency.”]

June continues to teach me about letting go. A life lesson unfolds as my sons grow up, leave home, get married and realize the vision seen only in their dreams. It is when their lives blossom into my prayers for them and unfurl into the story God has written. It is about the new beginnings we seek as one chapter ends and a new one unfolds. Letting go is the start of hope and the expectancy it creates in our hearts as we invite the newness to enter in and take up residency.

dear june-flower

June brought hope in the promise of each new day. A reflection of life over the past year reveals over and over that God is our hope and He is very faithful. When waiting becomes the norm of our days, God continues to teach in the whitespace of uncertainty. When our future vision of life rolls over us like thick clouds on a summer’s day, God whispers into the space of waiting and dreams ready to unfold. He speaks words of hope over us again and again and reassures us of a future where there is none. God is in our endings and beginnings. When we embrace the closed door, God is on the other side of the open door. He is our hope.

God is the only one who can make the valley of trouble a door of hope. Hosea 2:15

[Tweet “When waiting is our norm, God continues to teach in the whitespace of uncertainty.”]

Exhaling the loveliness of June and waiting for the promise of a hope-filled future!

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