The voice calls often and repeats its message as a tender inquiry,

A low whisper that floats in on the wings of morning

A gentle, inviting voice that offers more than just its sweet melody.

The voice beckons for me to read, dive deeper and embrace the Word of God.

The voice craves one on one time teaching and filling me with His goodness.

The voice is God and His one desire is my time with Him in His word.

Since the beginning of 2015, I have been pursued harder to spend time in God’s Word.

Drop of God's Word

The deepening is the work being done in the dark crevices, the hard to reach places and inner chambers of our hearts. It is not just the reaching in, but the softening and acceptance that takes place as the deepening pursues and eventually takes up residence. It is God pursuing us into a deeper relationship through His Word and the pursuit requires our time.

In the deepening, God produces a heart work to open wide the inner core to hear and know Him. He knows that His Word is the key and He loves when we spend our time reading and learning.

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God calls us to deepen our relationship with Him through His Word. Click here to read the rest at The Weekend Brew.






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