Do you trust God’s plan?

How would you answer that?

I’m embarrassed to say that my answer depends on the day. I consider what kind of day I am having. Then I look at how things are going for me – is life running smoothly or is it challenging? I put stipulations on my faith because I am weak and easily swayed. Does this sound like you? If not, perhaps you can help me in my journey to trust God at all times.

For the last few weeks, my Tuesday posts have centered around purpose. It is an adventure in writing and in listening to what God is teaching me. I am not sure from week to week what He wants me to share with all of you. I just pray and let God speak. To catch up on all the posts, click HERE.

In my post, Reimagining Our Purpose, I asked this question:

And if you are called to be just who you are at any given moment without any fanfare, do you trust God’s plan over trying to create your own?

I threw the question out there hoping that somehow one of you would magically have an answer or that God would show me the easy way to trusting His plans for my life. There is no easy with God. Amen???

One question can lead to deep reflection, which is exactly where God is leading me today. I ask again, “do you trust God’s plan”? knowing I need to seek an answer that is not of my own creation.

When I began my search of “trusting God” in Scripture, I was greeted with the familiar words of Proverbs 3:5-6:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.

But over and over in my search, the words described those who did not trust in God. By the time, I got to Romans 9 I found the Jews holding onto the law forsaking the faith God was calling them to have. He blocked their path with a rock causing them to stumble. Life is so much easier if we move with faith along the way God prepares for us.

[Tweet “Purpose is moving out of the way to make room for God’s glorious plan.”]

As hard as I make it for myself, I see glimmers of the ease of the days when I move out of the way and let God take over. Purpose is moving out of the way to make room for God’s glorious plan.

My purpose is not wrapped up in what I create even though I believe I hold the corner market in that area. I wonder how my life would change if I trust God’s plan instead of trying to create my own?

Imagine with me what this might look like:

Challenging and scary

Uncertain as to what is next

Planning ahead will be difficult (this goes against my planner nature)

But there is more to God’s purpose than how it will challenge us. What if relying on God provides:

Brave faith


New life in Him

A purpose that aligns with our passion

A life of challenges, but one that is better than we ever imagined

Purpose is tied up in being the beautiful “you” God created. It is trusting Him with your plans knowing they will always be better than your own. When you lose the fanfare of tooting your own horn and instead trumpet the love of God, you shine your purpose brightly for God.

Now when I ask myself “do you trust God’s plan”? I see more clearly the blessings I receive when I move out of the way. Even though I am directionally challenged, God always knows the way. When I doubt, God’s Word reminds me that when I seek Him, He will show me the path to take.

May this week be wrapped up in many moments of trusting God and believing your purpose is guarded and designed by the One who knows you best.



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