I am blessed to be living in a city rich in history, beautiful parks and gardens and lots of places to walk. Since one of my favorite things to do is walk and explore God’s beauty, I am blessed.

While walking I have discovered many hidden treasures, which seem to appear just for me – from albino squirrels to white swans to deer standing so close you can reach out and touch them. I am never disappointed on these walks and this particular day was no exception as God’s grace was displayed through one family of deer.

As I rounded the bend on my walk, not more than three feet away, one family of deer grazed slightly hidden among the trees and tall grasses. The deer paused mid-meal to gaze squarely into my eyes. Their eyes followed me as they continued to finish their meal. I almost passed them by but God whispered loudly causing me to stop mid-step, snap a picture and listen.


Walking with God prepares me both physically and spiritually for a chance to be God’s student and absorb life lessons that fill deep holes in my soul.  Pausing to let the lessons wash over me deepens my relationship with God while providing an overflow that should be shared to encourage and enrich others.

God’s words spoke clearly on this day giving me a reason to stop my walk and turn back to study the deer more closely. His words rang out-“I will provide”. God continued to whisper “You see, my child, how the deer do not lack for anything. Their home is filled with my goodness- food to eat, a place to live and family to sustain them. Your home is also a haven and the blessings of your family and friends are your provisions. I will never leaving you wanting. I am always with you, waiting for your call, always loving and always ready to forgive and extend grace.”

These deer knew exactly what they were doing. They trusted their instincts that food would be available amongst the grove of trees and grasses. The deer didn’t let one human interrupt their meal. They remained focused. The deer thirsted and God provided. We also thirst and we are hungry for relationships, love, knowledge and the list goes on. Let the lesson of two does and their babies be a reminder today that our thirst can also be satisfied through God.

Psalm 42-1-2(2)

Let’s meet God right there in the good and bad of our day. Let God be the beginning and end and everything in between. We have a deep thirst and God is the only provision we need.



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