Throughout this brave journey, the one constant has always been God. When we choose Him to walk with us as well as turn to Him in fear and uncertainty, we are choosing brave over everything else. It sounds simple, but we know it is anything but simple!

The world is big and comes at us from all sides in the workplace, our homes, through social media, those we come in contact with and the list goes on. Fear is real and can consume us without us really knowing it is happening. How do we turn our backs on the fear that threatens to overwhelm us? brave fear

The only answer I know is to embrace God in the midst of those uncertainties and fear and hold on to His truths and promises. I wrote in a earlier post this year that brave is putting on the armor of God and walking forward in courage to what He calls you to do in your life. It is the outer strength that wraps the inner core of fear with a desire to step out and say “yes”.

Those words have impacted me in my journey to brave faith. They are teaching me that we are not meant to walk alone in facing our fears. We are stronger because we choose God.

There are five words that we can play on repeat as we look for brave and learn how to make it our own. I pause the messy and turn on this mantra when life needs to rewind back to God … “I can’t, but He can!” Five words that can make all the difference when you are frozen with fear or uncertain how to proceed. I am blessed that these words were first shared with me by my son. He has made “I can’t, but He can” his mantra. It is his reminder, inspiration, encouragement and strength when brave is overshadowed by challenges and strength is getting beat up by weakness. When the light at the end of the tunnel is not even a pin prick or the mountain of life is too steep to climb, these five words beat a steady drum beat.

I want to leave you with some encouragement that we all can embrace as we journey to brave faith. It is taking on an “I can’t, but He can” attitude as well as understanding what courage looks like. Praying for you all today as we learn together that the journey to brave is hard but oh so easy when we choose God to lead the way.

Courage is saying “yes” when the popular answer is “no”. Courage is letting God take the lead as we follow in faith. Courage is embracing the Word of God as truth and soaking in the words that God gifted us with so many years ago. Courage is embracing the privilege of God walking beside us each and everyday.

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With God we are brave along the way!


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After I wrote this post, I was handed a new challenge that is questioning my brave and my belief that I can’t, but He can. My ninety-four year old dad was admitted to the hospital and faces a big hurdle. I am shaken to my core. Please join me in prayer. Thank you.

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