When I was young, any age over twenty seemed ancient. As I entered my teenage years, reaching thirty looked like a huge milestone. Now I look back at those ages and know that where I am is exactly where I should be. We search, sometimes our whole lives, to find the stage of life where we are happiest. But finding the end of you is lifelong and God-driven if you move out of the way for transformation to happen.

Searching for home looks like the stages of life. When you’re young, it is the place where you begin to dream. It’s a safe place where you lay your head each night. Hopefully, home is where you found the foundation for family and learned the give and take involved in relationships.

After you graduate from high school, you may move to go away to college or enter a season of independence. Home looks different and the community surrounding you has changed. You embrace this temporary resting place as you work on defining who you are.

As time moves forward, home continues to evolve. I find pure delight in those seasons where I lived in a home that I was able to put my fingerprint on. Creating a space that feels like me as well as a space that is inviting to others allows me to grow into becoming the best me.

But, finding the end of you is when what you already know about home mixes with all you learn as you journey through the different seasons of life. Giving yourself space to reimagine your ideas of home along the way only works when God is at the center.

My journey to reimagining home is one that I will continue to explore, but let me leave you with some truths I learned along the way.

  • When we reimagine home, we begin to rediscover ourselves. Who we are blends together with what we are becoming and creates a new sense of identity. Our younger self gradually moves out of the way and a clearer picture of home emerges.


  • Looking to Jesus first, when understanding home, showed me how He never ignored the knock on the door. Jesus always modeled a spirit of welcome through invitation, peace, and love. His willingness to live among us and die for our salvation empowered us to walk as His disciples.


  • Home is the place you feel most like yourself. It is in Christ that we become most fully who He created us to be. But there are times the people we love the most are not present and a piece of us is missing. When our hearts remain open to receiving His love we are made complete in Him. Home is who we carry in our hearts because Christ loved us first.


  • Home in the in-between is our journey on Earth until Jesus calls us home. The here and now is temporary because our story is God’s story. I am learning that ultimately I want to live like I’m always headed home.


  • Reimagining home opens the door to your heart and makes space for seeing home through the eyes of God. And when you do this work, God aligns each part so finding your sweet spot becomes a reality.


  • When you reimagine home, the best part of finding the end of you means you are now home. God has not only opened the doors but invites you to live with Him forever.

May you see Jesus in your journey to finding home. His presence fills us with hope and wisdom along the way. Walk toward Jesus and you will always be heading home.


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