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They always say that every ending becomes a new beginning! I think through my life and realize that new life and a new breath comes out of a happy ending, a messy ending or any other finale. I have been so blessed in my life to know how an ending becomes a beautiful beginning.


Winter turns into spring…

Summer turns into a golden array of colors with the start of Fall…

A marriage that has struggled and is no more becomes a new awakening for God to be my center…

A life  – my momma’s life – passes and turns into a glorious reunion in Heaven..

My sons in the blink of an eye change from toddlers to grown men….

It is so good! This life of beginnings happens because we allow God to become our center. We trust our everything to the God of the Universe who then turns all endings into a life that BEGINS again in Him every time we say “yes”!

Today I say “thank you” for the endings Lord! Thank you for teaching me that life begins with you and your goodness and love far surpass any messy, ugly or overwhelming moments that come my way.

Please pray with me today that all of our endings turn into beautiful beginnings by the grace of our Lord!




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