It’s Five Minute Friday and I am joining Lisa-Jo Baker and other FMF girls to write flat out for five minutes. No editing, no polishing, and then linking up together. I am loving this challenge! I hope you enjoy it too! Check out what Five Minute Friday is all about here!



God chose me before I was born! He planned for me, wrote my story and loved me into being! I am  blessed!

Each day my words, my thoughts and my actions spill out in a rush and each day God stands by and watches –  hoping that all of it honors Him.

Each year my life – my story –  evolves from beginning to end and each year, God is watching to see how I play it out.

The years have flown by and God has gifted me with two amazing sons, a job teaching 3rd graders which wraps my passion into who I am, a wonderful family consisting of four brothers who have always had my back and friends that might only enter for a season, but just the right friends at the right time.


As I have walked through the pages of my life and reflect on the good, bad and ugly, I have always known that I was loved more than life, treasured as an only child and extended grace by my Heavenly Father. He has been my rock, my go to person and my everything. This relationship has deepened and become an integral part of my story.

God’s story only becomes complete when I honor Him by living out who He planned for me to be. My story is God’s story when I let Him cultivate and teach me and “BLOOM” into His child.


One single blossom can become many when all we do is done for God’s glory. One bloom becomes a beautiful plant when we allow God to breathe into our lives and return the favor by exhaling all of our praise to Him.


I am one, single bloom but I am God’s bloom waiting to blossom into His only child – chosen before I was born and loved into being!

Just this: Reflect and remember who God is!


I will sing for joy in God,
explode in praise from deep in my soul!
He dressed me up in a suit of salvation,
he outfitted me in a robe of righteousness,
As a bridegroom who puts on a tuxedo
and a bride a jeweled tiara.
For as the earth bursts with spring wildflowers,
and as a garden cascades with blossoms,
So the Master, God, brings righteousness into full bloom
and puts praise on display before the nations. Isaiah 69:10-11 MSG




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