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It began many years ago – the birth of love -the moment when one father got to hold his baby girl for the first time. The moment when a father’s love bloomed,  grew and changed. No longer was the love just between the father and the mother-now it stretched to embrace that of a baby girl.

You see love changes as it grows and it is a beautiful thing. I stand in awe that my father loves me unconditionally, but this love is a love of change. As I grew into adulthood my father no longer showed me little girl love-now it was the love of one adult to another. My daddy’s love is never-ending and he has shown it in so many ways over the years.

As a school age daughter, my dad’s love was one of a parent who was always there to help me with my math homework. As I moved into high school and college, love was shown by his presence at my choir concerts, senior recital, graduations and showing pride in all my accomplishments. As I moved into marriage and kids, my dad’s love was a grandfather’s love and he has shown this in his keen interest in all I have done and all my kids do.

My dad’s love has been powerful and so present, but it has changed as the seasons of life have changed. The amount of love has not changed, but how he shows love has evolved and become even stronger as the years have passed by. I am blessed by my father’s love.

As my dad, my brother and I visited the cemetery the other day to pay a visit to my mom, a full circle seemed to close as I saw love firsthand-love for his wife, love for his children and the love of a life lived so well for 93 years. I am blessed by this love and am humbled to be part of this circle of life that has shown me what love is all about.

As my father has loved me and loved me well, my Heavenly Father fills in all the gaps with a love that is beyond words. The deep love of a father for His children is exemplified in God our Father who teaches us by His words that we are loved beyond measure. As my father’s love changed over the years, God’s love has never changed but has been constant year after year. I am blessed by my earthly and heavenly fathers’ love and pray we all can feel the gift of love in our lives.


a father's love

I am so blessed to know love not only of my daddy but God’s love as well. My life is fuller, richer and more complete because of love. I pray for all that we know love- a deep, unconditional love and that as we are filled with love we are able to share this love with others.







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