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In two short weeks, I will meet twenty-five third graders as they walk through the door of Room 111. Shining faces, new clothes, new haircuts and new school supplies accompany them into the new school year.




A fresh start…

describes some of the feelings that cross the threshold on that first day!

My job begins even before the students walk through door on the first day of school. Preparing the classroom, creating a welcoming environment, creating lessons and praying for those kids begins almost as soon as the previous school year comes to an end.

Questions enter my thoughts almost on a daily basis about the new group of kids I will have the honor to teach. The looming question is “How can I fill my students with all they need this year?”

How can I add to their lives to help them know they are loved, cared for, safe and part of community in my classroom? Yes I am there to teach a curriculum, but really it is about filling them with the knowledge that they are important and beautiful and can be so successful! Teaching is opening up the world to kids and showing them they are an integral part of it. Teaching is the window that reflects students’ importance back to them a hundredfold.

Window quote


My task is to FILL each child with a strong desire to learn and to walk out of the classroom knowing that they are ready for the next step.


I am so blessed to be called teacher! I lean into God’s strength to be the best I can be each day I walk into my classroom. Pleas join me in praying for all children this school year as they journey through a year of hope and fulfillment.




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