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2014 has been a year of memories-holding onto treasured moments from the past and creating new snapshots to hold onto for the future.

This year began with the loss of my mom in January. Classic childhood memories continually float past whenever quiet fills my time and my mind wanders. In my mind, I replay the joy of having my mom live for 88 years and the example she gifted us with of grace and strength until her final breath. I see how she struggled, but on the outside her demeanor was gracious with a keen interest in her family. In my mind, I remember that her love and her marriage was such a testament to me of how to live my own life. Her legacy is strong- flowing through my brothers and I. In turn, we honor the same path by passing our family strength onto our own kids. These are memories that I hold onto because of the life that flows through them.

In this second half of the year, I am in the process of creating new memories of my last year of teaching.

Etching children’s faces into my mind and heart…

Teaching with love and passion…

Showing my students that learning is a gift but it is hard work…

Leaving my legacy through 25 third graders to continue into the future…

These moments-these new snapshots of life- are little treasures that I will hold tight as I move into all the new that God has planned for me! Each gift is a chance for me to hold onto for the future and the opportunity for me to let it go for others to grow and learn from.

a moment in time

A moment in time is a memory for the future- God’s gift for us to hold and then let go for others!


May we all hold tight to God’s promises that come to us through the gift of family and friends in the present, past and future!



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