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As I wake up each morning, I do my usual lay in bed and pretend that it isn’t really time to get up and then eventually reality hits. I slowly stumble out of bed and take a minute to thank God that I am here for another day. The ritual continues as I make my way into the bathroom to get ready. The amazing part of this is that God grants me this day to use and complete as I see fit. Hmmm! Sounds like a lot of open-ended adventures could lie ahead, but in my world when you live a life to honor God your choices become centered on Him who created you for His glory.

One of my life changing verses is from Lamentations 3:22-23. God’s promise in this verse has pulled me through many a day when getting out of bed was the last thing I wanted to do. The renewal of each day is a promise that God grants because of His deep love for us.

[Tweet “The chance to start fresh each morning is God’s grace gift to us as we wipe away the messes from the day before.”]

The joy of knowing that God forgives over and over even though we make the same mistakes is His way of allowing us a “do over” in the midst of life’s messiness. The chance to start fresh each morning is God’s grace gift to us as we wipe away the messes from the day before. God gifts us with His mercy everyday and we need to embrace the day and say thanks as our response to God’s great love.

Lamentations 22-22-23

May we begin each day with a newness that is granted by knowing that God’s promises are true. May we thank God for the day and honor Him in all we do!



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