It’s Five Minute Friday and I am joining Lisa-Jo Baker and other FMF girls to write flat out for five minutes. No editing, no polishing, and then linking up together. I am loving this challenge! I hope you enjoy it too! Check out what Five Minute Friday is all about here!



Sweat trails down my back and you might hear me saying “I got nothing!”. Have you heard that phrase before?

It’s the end of the school year and teachers and students are all putting in time, but our mantra, whether spoken out loud or held close to our hearts is, “I got nothing!”.

Summer has made an early entrance with its humidity, pop up thunderstorms, hot temperatures and a stickiness that coats your body. All factors that play with your mind and suck the strength out of your body as teachers face 25 students each day in an un-airconditioned school building. Snow days were treasured in the dead of winter and now have come back to haunt us by extending our school year. June 13th is in reach but still so far away.

We will put in our time and mark off days until June 13th, but we still “got nothing”.

State testing is but a faint memory and all other assessments are in the books. The students are still standing at my door each morning, but now it’s a ritual – they are going through the motions.

How do you get something from nothing? You turn to God who has everything! When you have nothing – fill yourself with the God of everything! He craves our attention and time. He calls out to us and refreshes with His words:

Matthew 11-28

28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Let the God of everything, soothe your weary soul and turn your nothing into something! Will you turn to God for something today?




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