It’s Five Minute Friday and I am joining Lisa-Jo Baker and other FMF girls to write flat out for five minutes. No editing, no polishing, and then linking up together. I am loving this challenge! I hope you enjoy it too! Check out what Five Minute Friday is all about here!



The day dawned brightly

Hope rose with the sun on the horizon

Anticipation and promise of all the day would bring loomed large

Summer vacation had begun!

Magical words for every teacher who had spent nine months dreaming of this day – during the long winter, a grueling spring –

Through testing, teacher evaluations, lesson plans, grading – a seemingly endless cycle that ended and dawned with a brightness worthy of SPF 50 sunscreen!

Now with the beginning of summer vacation, I longed for slow-down days and evenings accompanied by a day planner blank with an empty schedule.

And then – the first whisper floated in through my open bedroom windows. I grasped to catch hold of the words ebbing and flowing with the gentle breeze.

Faint at first and then stronger, the whisper called – Release it all to me!

God was calling gently for me to let go of the last nine months full of stress, a treadmill style pace and the constant worry – did I teach it right, did the students learn, will this look good for my evaluation and are the students ready for the state test. LET. IT. GO!

God was ready to catch my messiness from the last year and fill me instead with His love, strength and renewed spirit. The only catch – release it all to Him.


Releasing it all to God allows Him to replace our worthlessness with His goodness. Releasing fills us with a fullness we need to move forward!

Release it all today! God’s ready! Will you let go and release your worries to God today?



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