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39 more days!

Many more tests for the students to complete, papers to grade, report cards to complete and a classroom to pack up…

But really??? 39 more days!

A career coming to an end, a lifetime of memories to remember and reflect upon, a group of students to love one more time for 39 more days.

Thirty years of teaching will come to an end on June 4, but a passion that began as a kindergartner admiring her own teacher many years ago will live on in my heart. An ending to a career but a beginning to a sequel of impossible possibilities.

Proverbs 18-16

Relief will come in the form of letting go of federal policies, standardized tests and mandates that are hurting rather than building up children to become our future. Relief will come when all of the endless paperwork is completed. But relief will be short-lived as I say good-bye to 30 years of students who stole my heart with their laughter, smiles, curiosity, struggles, and love. Every minute of teaching has been a gift that God saw fit to bless me with all these years. His gift to me was a tiny seed that began to sprout as that kindergartener who knew that one day she would be a teacher.

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When God blesses you with a gift, let it go, give it wings to fly. The blessings are a hundredfold when you realize that 30 years have passed and what seemed like a small blip of time became a beautiful career that wrapped passion and work into one amazing embrace.

A gift opens the way
and ushers the giver into the presence of the great. Proverbs 18:16

Praying we all use our gifts to honor God today! As you reflect upon the beautiful blessings you receive, you will feel a relief from the worldly burdens but an awakening of the beauty created in the sharing of the gift with others.





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