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Are you a person who loves routine? Do you crave the familiar to the point that change makes you twitch? What does same look like to you?

As I was typing these questions, I was considering what category I fall into when it comes to routine vs. change and I err on the side of routine. There is something very comforting about knowing what to expect and what it is going to look like each time. I follow a schedule and I’m good at it. But when you throw me a curve and the schedule falls apart, I am temporarily paralyzed by what step to take next.

Hebrews 13-8

As a teacher for years, I learned to be flexible because even though my plans were laid out perfectly and my schedule was marked by what was first, second, third, etc. there were many days that were unpredictable. Children are never predictable because they are all unique and their personalities, which mark their identity, are always changing and growing.

Even though I crave sameness in my life and strive to keep routines in place, I am reminded that life does not always work like that. I am learning that as I grow into who I am and continue to unfold as a child of God, I am becoming someone who looks to God for my sameness and security. He is the one who is constant and is always a sure thing. With Him, we can handle the days that are messy and follow no particular order at all.

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God is our constant in a world that shouts loudly for our attention. God seeks us and rallies around when life derails and when life runs smoothly. God will never change and we can rely on Him in all things.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrews 13:8

In grace and peace,






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