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In the still of the morning before light has graced the day, the quiet surrounds and wraps itself in my thoughts. A quiet that begs for a center to hold onto to focus my gaze. A quiet that is comforting as well as disconcerting.

In the still of the new day, I crave for more- a whisper, a word, or something tangible to carry with me through the day. In a world of material and what you see is what you get, we all desire that lucky charm to put in our pocket to hold onto when reassurance is needed.

still of morning

But the still of the morning, continues to bring the intangible. the unseen and the unknown until you free yourself from what could be to what is. The quiet is laced with with the whispers, words and presence of something unseen but so powerful. Let the quiet become your focus and in the centering of your mind, you will find Jesus. His presence becomes your present for the day. Accept that gift of the quiet because it is in the still that we hear God’s words the loudest. He is all we need. He is the lucky charm to hold in our pocket that reassures us when nothing else will do.





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