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I was blessed today. I spent the day with several different good friends and ended the day with both sons-one in person and the other on the phone. There was lots of conversation and words being exchanged in every setting that marked my day. Words of encouragement, stories of family, hard words, words of laughter and loving words.  Every single word was an interaction between two people- a give and take of words – a telling of what was happening now in our lives.

Throughout the connections of stories was woven a repetitive thought… “I am telling you these things, are you listening?” You see each word was God-breathed and intentional and the telling was a call to lean in close and listen.

We spend so much time telling each other our joys and struggles with the thought that we want to be heard. We want affirmation and validation that our life is hard, crazy or beyond blessed so we tell our stories to those who will listen. Today God leaned in close to me and reminded me that my story is what it is because of all these special people who are part of my life-many whom I had the pleasure of spending time with today. Today it was not about the telling-it was about the receiving of those words from my friends and family. Today God had a message for me and in order to receive it I needed to listen intently to the telling of words from those around me. I needed to pause and receive God’s Word from my loved ones.

I was amazed at how God took the time to teach me that He has great things in store for me. I have been praying that I know what those are and of course somewhat anxious that they are revealed sooner rather than later. The lesson was not to spend all my time “telling” my story but listen to the telling of others’ stories because this is where I will ultimately learn who God wants me to be.

Our stories matter-our words matter-but getting caught up in always sharing could cause us to miss the most important words that God wishes to TELL us. Pause-lean in close-breathe deeply and soak in the words of friends and family. God is in their words!

Deuteronomy 32




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