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Genesis 1-1

Does the ocean try to fill our view as far as we can see?

Does the horizon try to brilliantly display the beginning and the end of each day?

Does the moon reflect the sun’s light so effortlessly as our gift in the night sky?

Does nature try to to work in harmony as life flows and works together with precision?

Or is it a matter of not trying because we live in a world that has been so carefully crafted?

In our world, there are things we try to fix, learn, and accomplish and success may or may not follow. The beauty is that God created us and all creation in His image. By His will we exist and are here in this place and at this time. God did not try because God is the Master Creator. He chose us to be His children and loved us into being. When we try too hard, God comes alongside us with an endless love and a heart full of grace and mercy. When we try and do not succeed, God already cleaned the slate for us when He allowed His son Jesus to die on the cross as our salvation. God fixes us when we try too hard and humbly ask for forgiveness.

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In all our trying, God has already figured it all out so we do not need to. The lesson here is to let God do what He has begun in us because He already knows the outcome and it will be beautiful.

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1

In grace and peace,


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